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Calling all Puffers, Smokers, and Vapors!

Dirt Cheap has the largest selection of e Cigs, vapors, juices and accessories in Missouri….having a dedicated vapor station in most stores.

Are you tired of standing outside in the freezing cold or smoldering heat just so that you can get a little break and enjoy that sweet, sweet smoke? It’s time to start vaping with  e cigs or vapors! As you puff away, an electric heater turns the liquid nicotine into vapor. You get your nicotine in the flavor of your choice, but you don’t leave behind any ashes, smoke, or mess.

In fact, e Cigs aren’t cigarettes. They don’t have tobacco. They don’t have paper. Heck, you don’t even light them. They are little metal tubes that you fill with liquid nicotine and put in your beak.

Since e Cigs are so new, our staff is more than happy to answer your questions and walk you through the how to’s of vaping. There is no question too strange, or request too odd about e Cigs…heck we work with a life sized chicken!

Still not sure? Come out to one of our many locations and try it for yourself. We hope to see you soon.