Latest Commercials

It’s no secret that Dirt Cheap commercials are the envy of all TV! Well this is your place to view these commercials and have a little Fun, Fun! See the Chicken spread the great word of cheap beer to the world!!! Happy viewing!

Back Yard Dream


Cheap Cheap Madness

Magician Chicken

Party Sweep

Sweet Cheeks

Wing Party

Freedom From High Prices

Chicken Breaks Out

Backyard Grilling

Chicken on the Run

When the Chicken hits the town its all bets off! Here are some Fun, Fun videos of those times. Just be warned…the Chicken loves to have a good time. So buckle up and prepare to enjoy yourself.

Chicken Float Trip

Sharing Holiday Cheer

Mardi Gras!!!

Out And About

Opening Day Part 1

Opening Day Party 2

:15 Second Drink Recipes

How do I make that drink again? Don’t fret, this your place to learn some common drinks in just 15 seconds. Don’t blink because you are on the express train to Fun, Fun.

Tequila Slammer

Sex on the Beach

Flying Honey Drink

The Whipping Good Time