Mardi Gras At. Louis Parade

The Chicken Does Mardi Gras St. Louis

Hey Chicken Krewe!

Mardi Gras St. Louis is coming and you know what that means. It’s time to get your tickets for the Bud Light Party Tent. And there’s one place where you can be sure you can get them. Here’s a hint: cheap cheap. Need another one? OK. Fun Fun.

Still don’t know? Well, c’mon in and we’ve got just the ticket you need. Sure, the great folks at Mardi Gras Inc. have tickets you can buy online. But when they run out — and they always do — your only choice is to come in and see the Chicken. And I’ll hook you up — I’ll even thrown in a complimentary $10 Dirt Cheap gift card to start your reveling off right!

Besides, why buy them online? When you come in and see me, I’ve got everything you need for a Mardi Gras St. Louis party to remember. Hurricane fixins? Check. Secret ingredients for a Sazerac? No problem. Cheap beer? The Chicken’s got that every day. We’ve got your tickets at all of our Dirt Cheap locations.

Here’s what your Bud Light Party Tent ticket will get you:

  • Receive a $10 Dirt Cheap gift card with the purchase of a Bud Light Party Tent tickets.
  • Private special-for-you restrooms because you don’t buy beer — you rent it.
  • All the booze you can drink. I checked it out, and they’ve got the Chicken-approved good stuff. Bud Light, Jack Daniels, Finlandia Vodka, and even more.
  • Joanies Restaurant will hook you up with all-you-can-eat New Orleans grub from 11 am to 3 pm.
  • An awesome dance floor with live DJs spinning all day. Just don’t do the Funky Chicken. Who am I kidding? Of course do the Funky Chicken!
  • Climate control — so you stay warm and your beer stays cold.
  • Awesome giveaways, party fun, and a Chicken-a-rific time.
  • Did I mention the private bathrooms?

You’ll be right in the middle of the party in Soulard Market Park, and if you thought it was great last year, wait until you see the tent this year. Mardi Gras St. Louis is bigger and better with all of the stuff you love, and more of the stuff you need — like dance floor space, DJs and bartenders.

For what you get, the Bud Light Party Tent makes Mardi Gras St. Louis cheap-cheap, and you know it’ll be fun-fun. And it all starts with paying a visit to the party Chicken. So come pick up your Mardi Gras supplies. Grab some cheap booze. And get your tickets. I’ll see you at the party! I’ll be the Funky Chicken….

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

PS: Take a second before you run in take a CluckBuck on me. My mission is to hook you up with cheap-cheap booze, and the CluckBuck gets you started.