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“Big Game” Party Ideas

Fun Fun Ideas for This Year’s Party!

Don't Be That Guy/Girl!

Don’t Be That Guy/Girl!

Everyone knows that when February rolls around, you’re sure to hear talk about the “Big Game”. If you’re lucky, you’ll be cheering on your favorite team the entire night, but even if you have no knowledge of which two teams will be competing in this year’s game, we here at Dirt Cheap know that many of you are still likely to attend or even host a party. Get out and enjoy the night with some friends and family!

This year, the game takes place on February 5th. That day will surely be here before you know it. If you need to plan a party, let me help you out with some party ideas! It’s hard to determine what is most important when it comes to the Big Game. Is it the game itself, the halftime entertainment, the commercials, the food, or the people you surround yourself with? Well, I believe it’s a mixture of it all, so here are a few ideas to make the most of this exciting night. I’m talon ya, it’ll be awesome!


These games are generally known to create pretty casual get-togethers, with people’s main focus on the TV screen and what they’re putting into their mouths. So, there isn’t much need in worrying about elegance or classiness. Rather, put your energy toward making it a comfortable and exciting atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

A great party usually entails your family and/or your close friends and possibly their families. So, since there’s a chance of children being in attendance, you may want to consider setting up two viewing areas! Especially if you’re hosting very dedicated, enthusiastic, and hardcore football fans, it may be best to set up a fun area for the kiddos and another for the adults.

As it’ll most likely be a long night, plan a few fun activities for the kids to keep them busy and prevent them from the potential boredom of just the football game. Think about simple crafts, board games, or even a movie. Of course, don’t forget about the traditional game of “squares”, which always makes the game more interesting! Here’s a link to print out a board that’s ready for the game. Comfort is essential for everyone, especially because it’ll be such a lengthy night, so make sure you have plenty of seating, even if it’s just pillows on the floor!


It isn’t Super Sunday without an outstanding amount of food. It just isn’t! So, with that in mind, think about setting up a central table for food, that way it’s accessible to both the kids and the adults. It may also be fun to decorate the main table as if it is a football field, including artificial turf or felt, tape for yard lines, and miniature goal posts.

If you want to simplify the main meal to keep things easier for yourself, think about setting up a nacho bar with an abundance of toppings and sauces. That way, you’re able to buy ingredients in bulk and keep the meal casual rather than complex. Appetizers seem to be the main attraction, anyway. Speaking of appetizers…

It’s essential to keep finger food appetizers around at all times, particularly in the areas where you’re screening the game. Keep the tables well stocked and the beverages cold! Remember, my crew and I over here will keep you covered when it comes to catering, and guarantee to make sure your drink supply never runs out!

Here are a few links to give you some yummy appetizer ideas and to help you kick that sweet tooth craving.


When it comes to killing time between breaks in the game, why not have some fun? There are a couple of options when it comes to commercials and half-time entertainment (this year’s performance by Lady Gaga!). For some, they’d rather not watch, so set up a football themed photo booth including props and paraphernalia. Maybe even set them up next to a wall decorated with a backdrop and encourage your guests to get their game faces on!

For those that do enjoy watching the patiently awaited commercials, consider a drinking game such as this, but personalize it to this year’s football game and be sure to keep track of drinks.

There are some fun cocktails that can be made, but you may just want to stick to the easy classics, such as beer and wine options, that you know all of your guests will enjoy. Make sure to stock up on drinks appropriate for the little ones as well!

You may also have some fun with this commercial bingo!


Let’s make it a little more fun and amp up the existing competition! Send the fans of the winning team home with a special prize such as a gift card or a small basket of goodies!

As always, we are your one-stop party shop so look no further than Dirt Cheap for all of your fiesta necessities, especially this February. Please drink safely and responsibly and remember to use your CluckBuck coupon when you come see us for a bit of extra savings!

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