Chicken Confessions – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Countrymen of the Emerald Isle,

I have a secret. It’s been eating me alive for some time now, but I think I need to tell you in the interest of our relationship. OK… it goes……I’m not Irish. Ohhh that hurt to say. I hope you won’t hold it against me on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day.

Most years, I just tell people I am Irish on my Dad’s, Sister’s, Second Cousin’s, Boyfriend’s, Niece’s side, but I think people are beginning to catch on. It seems logical to me, except people seem to have a problem with the boyfriend part! He’s a really nice guy, I don’t get why they say he doesn’t count!

My only saving grace is the fact that I love Irish drinks, so in a sense, I always have a little Irish in me at all times. (The percentage just changes throughout the day.)

Two of my favorite “nectars of Ireland” are Killian’s Irish Red and Brady’s Irish Cream.  Now I enjoy both of these independently, but in separate mixtures of their own they are divine.

With Irish beer, you can never go wrong. That’s why I double up! I take my favorite, Killian’s Irish Red, and mix it with a Guinness to make a Black and Red. Usually, I pour the Guinness in my glass over a spoon to get a perfect half and half distribution of the beers. The spoon allows the Guinness to smoothly flow into the glass, reducing the head, to create the half and half effect.

And once I begin to feel a little sleepy on St. Patty’s Day, I switch from beer to Irish Coffee. All you do is take a shot Brady’s Irish Cream, add a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, add a cup of hot brewed coffee and top it off with some Cream alcohol-Infused whipped cream! Then like a miracle sent from St. Patrick himself, you have a 100 percent delicious Irish drink. Talk about top ‘o the morning to yah!

This St. Patrick’s Day, drink like an Irishman and party like the Dirt Cheap Chicken. At Dirt Cheap, we have everything you will need from Irish beers, whiskeys, liqueur, to party supplies like pint glasses, shot glasses and bomb cups.

We all may not be 100% Irish, but we all deserve to drink and party like one. After all, green just looks good on everyone!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

PS: As a pre-St. Patty’s Day celebration we are kicking the weekend off with a tasting of Killian’s Irish Red and Brady’s Irish Cream at participating stores, Friday, March 16th from 4-6pm.  Come try them out – and if you like ‘em they are yours for a just a few coins.

Killian’s Irish Red – $5.99 for 6 pack bottles

Brady’s Irish Cream – $8.49 for a 750ml bottle.

*Price may vary by location.