Beer Caves…Staying Cool During St. Louis Summers

Dear Summer Lovers,

I can feel it in my ol’ chicken bones, the seasons are changing. Things are getting hot…I mean real hot!!!

I love just about everything about summer, the backyard drinking, the Cardinals games, and the backyard drinking while watching the Cardinals games.

It’s a tough life, but I’ve been sweltering under this heat. These feathers are hot, and despite my lack of pants, I’ve been looking for relief.

Yesterday, when I was walking through Dirt Cheap… I heard something that sounded like a mixture of angels and Cher singing. I looked around, but I couldn’t see anything.

Then I took a step, and it sounded louder. I walked a few more steps, and louder. Then I realized it was coming from the Beer Cave!

I opened frosty doors and I had an awaking…the answer, as it frequently seems to be, was beer! Ice cold beer!

Well, long story short, the singing was in my head. But, the Beer Cave has been keeping me, and my favorite brews nice and cool.

If you haven’t seen a Beer Caves at Dirt Cheap, it puts all other caves – real and refrigerator – to shame. In fact, I consider myself to be the Jesse James of Beer Caves. I “hide out” in them so often, I seem to know all the ins and outs. (I hear they may even start Beer Cave tours in my honor, don’t quote me on that though.)

While I am no outlaw, or outdoor maven, this cave/Beer Cave thing got me thinking. Why would anyone visit a real cave, when they have a bona fide Beer Cave right down the street at Dirt Cheap?

Here’s a pro’s and con’s list to help make up your mind:

  • Beer cave: It is a 32 degree heaven
  • Real cave: Has bats, slimy walls, mud, no lights
  • Beer cave: Leave with a case of beer
  • Real cave: Walk five miles….and no beer

I think the answer is obvious…Beer Caves rule. This summer when you feel the mercury rising, run for Dirt Cheap. We’ve got all the cold beer you want, and a cool down in our Beer Cave is free! We have a huge variety of domestic and specialty beers guaranteed to chill your bones.

Keep cool friends…

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

*Beer Caves available at these cool locations – Fenton, Telegraph, Dunn Road, St. Charles, Affton, West Alton, Hazelwood, Hwy K, Cape Girardeau, Hannibal