St. Louis Beer Drink Contest – For Baseball Tickets

Hey baseball fans,

We once again have a ticket contest for you on our Facebook page!!! One of the below “drink masters” will be winning 4 tickets to the redbirds game on 8/5!!! Make sure to vote, vote, vote for your favorite!!!

Perfect Float Trip/Party Trip Drink

by Heather Dunn

• 12-pack of O’Fallon Wheach
• 1/2 a handle of Vodka (a handle is 1.75 liters)plain or any flavor that tickles your fancy
• 2 containers frozen pink lemonade concentrate

Poor over ice at last minute/in the glass – do not mix in the batch

Flaming Dr. Pepper

by Ryan Zinc

Take a shot of amaretto and pour it in a glass.Next take a bottle of Schlafly Pilsner and pour about half in the glass with the amaretto.

Last take a shot of Bacardi 151 and light it on fire and drop it in the glass with the amaretto and beer. Chug and enjoy! Tastes just like Dr. Pepper!