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St Louis 4th of July

Holiday Ideas from Dirt Cheap!

It’s America’s birthday so let’s face it, the majority of us will either be attending an Independence Day BBQ or hosting one ourselves. So, let us help you get your cook on and make the most of your holiday spent in the mid-summer heat! Now’s the time when American patriotism is at its peak, so stop by Dirt Cheap, your one stop party shop, to stock up and celebrate hard!

Here are our tips and tricks to creating a classic, easy, and delicious American BBQ…

1. Create a Hot Dog & Burger Bar

Can you think of anything more patriotic than these American classics?
Check out this site for ideas on unique ways to create a yummy dog…from Chicago Style, to Chili Cheese, to Tex-Mex! With red, white, and blue plastic ware, colorful napkins, an assortment of delicious and essential condiments and toppings, the only cooking required is to grill up the burgers and dogs! It’s that easy, and who can pass up this tried and true home-style, American meal?! Jazz up the presentation with a festive tablecloth, streamers, confetti, mini flags, and a fun centerpiece.

2. Sip on Patriotism

Turn your classic adult drinks into something a little more fun with this red, white, and blue sangria, this Blueberry Mojito, these fun and colorful Jello Shots, or download our own Dirt Cheap Drink Recipe guide! Drink up, it’s time to raise a glass to America!

3. Get Your Stars and Stripes On!

Set up a FUN station! Arrange celebratory leis, plastic sunglasses, hats, flags, and beads on a table so that when it’s time for the parade—or just time to goof off and take pictures—all guests will be prepared with these fun get-ups! Dress up and start a few games of washers, cornhole, or ring toss; the competition is on!

4. Fire It Up!

It just isn’t Independence Day without the ultimate celebration…fireworks! At dusk, have plenty of sparklers on hand, a safe and fun way for everyone to be included in the fire-y fun. Once the heat of the day has passed, everyone is ready to see the annual explosions light up the sky, so either stock up on some big and noisy firecrackers to set off at home (if it is approved and legal where you live), or round up family and friends to join you at your local fireworks show. There’s truly no better day—or way—to go out with a bang! Happy Birthday America!

For all your party needs, both alcohol and decoration related, stop by Dirt Cheap for bargain purchases! We’re proud to be your one stop party shop for all of your celebrations. Happy Fourth and remember, have fun! But, be careful out there. Cheers!

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