Schlafly Summer Lager for Beer Connoisseurs

Beer is the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. It has been around for over ten thousand years, and in that time it has played an important role in many social traditions. Beer is four times as popular as wine and it is enjoyed by most grown people. The global brewing industry has annual revenues of nearly 300 billion dollars. Like most alcoholic beverages, beer is available in many different styles and flavors.

The most popular type of beer is called lager, which comes from a German word that means “to store.”  Early Bavarian brewers stored these beers in cool places, like caves and cellars, during the warm months. There are many different kinds of lagers, the most popular of which is the pale version. Pale lagers are the most requested beers in the world. They are light and refreshing and sell particularly well when the mercury rises.


Schlafly Summer Lager

What makes a great summer beer? Obviously, people drink beer during the other three seasons. But beer sales almost always rise in the summertime. One thing most of the experts agree on is that beer drinkers prefer lighter beers when the weather gets warm. Heavy, dark beers are simply too much to digest and they are not nearly as satisfying as lighter lagers. Schlafly Summer lager is a clean, refreshing beer that was designed for summer drinking

Experts describe the taste as an appealing mixture of citrus flavors, particularly lemon, and spiciness that comes from the hops. While it is said to be a bit heavier than a Pilsner, the lager is crisp, spicy, and refreshing on a warm summer’s day. If not already, it is guaranteed to be one of your summer favorites!