Santa’s Helper Chicken, Says “Buy Gift Sets”

Dear Holiday Shoppers,

Ho! Ho! Ho! I mean…Fun! Fun! Fun! It’s so hard keeping those straight!

Why is it so hard? Well for one, they are so similar. And two, I do a lot of work with Santa Clause this time of year. Seriously, your very own Chicken knows the “Big Man”, “Father Christmas”, “Sinterklaas.”

Right now there is a major shortage of something in the North Pole…and it’s not snow. From the reports I am hearing, it’s Gift Sets. You know like Crown Royal with glasses, Frangelico Liqueur with a Hazelnut Scented Candle or Beefeater Gin with a Stopper.

Ok adults, I have a special message for Santa…make sure all young eyes are averted. (This is Pig Latin)

Iftgay etssay areway ethay estbay iftgay orfay ousesspay, iendsfray andway ocay-orkerswa.

If you don’t know Pig Latin, I basically said, Gift Sets are a great gift from “Santa.” Wink. Wink.

But, when I said there is a shortage of Gift Sets…I wasn’t joking. Right now, “Santa” could drive his “sleigh” all over St. Louis and still not find what “he” is looking for! Oh, that Scrooge would be smiling now!!!

Lucky for “Santa”, and the people of St. Louis, I am single handedly saving the holidays. In fact, Dirt Cheap has Gift Sets o’ plenty and I am more than happy to share the joy they bring. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Beefeater Gin with Stopper (1.75L) $28.99

Carolan’s Irish Cream with Mug (750ML) $9.99

Frangelico Liqueur with Hazelnut Scented Candle (750ML) $22.99

Grand Marnier Liqueur with Globes (750ML) $36.99

Bailey’s Irish Cream with Glasses (750ML) $18.99

Crown Royal Whisky with Flask (1.75ML) $44.99

Rum Chata with Shaker (750ML) $17.99

Jameson Irish Whiskey with Tin Canister (750ML) $19.99

Glenlivet Scotch with two (2) 50ML bottles (750ML) $32.99

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey with Sports Glasses (750ML) $13.99

Look, time is running short, and soon enough the presents “Santa” brings will be under the tree. So get the chestnuts roasting, bust out the garland and get to Dirt Cheap. We all know “Santa” always get’s the perfect gift, and Dirt Cheap is his direct source for Gift Sets.

Also, don’t forget about Dirt Cheap for your holiday party! We have what you need for cheap-cheap!!! And we have the gift that just keeps on giving…or something like that. I’m talking about gift cards. We have them available in all denominations.

Have a fun and safe holiday folks!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

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