A Chicken’s Night Out for the Top Shelf Promotion

Late Night Friends,

It’s rare when I’m home before sunrise. Usually, I spend all night with the other night owls, partying, drinking and any other late night activities. (Keep your mind of the gutter.) I like to think of myself as a full functioning party fowl! In fact, I believe that would make me the world’s first nocturnal chicken!

[Not to self, discover myself as a new species and become a famous explorer]

Last week, I went out with my friend Paul and a few of his buddies for winning the Dirt Cheap Top Shelf Promotion. With the help of Fox Sports Midwest, and a few Dirt Cheap “goodies”, we partied it up! (Responsibly of course.) I even, picked up these guy’s in a swanky limo from JED Limousines. It’s the only car I will ride in…well….that, and Thunderbirds, Firebirds, Falcons and Skylarks….never mind.

Either way, it was a freaking blast! Paul and crew enjoyed all-inclusive tickets to watch the Blues kick the snot out of the Nashville Predators. And did they ever. The final score was 3 – 0.  That’s a Lay an Egg Shutout, folks!

I know what you’re saying. How did these Blues Fans get the tickets? No, they didn’t bribe me. The truth is they won it fair and square.

See, weeks beforehand, Dirt Cheap customers had been entering their names in a drawing at our 13 area location for the Top Shelf Promotion. I pulled a name and bam!!! Free Blues tickets!! Come in. Sign up. And win! It was that simple.

Even though this promotion has passed, we are always working on a new one. Next time you drop in, ask a sales associate at Dirt Cheap about any current promotions. If we don’t have any currently, chances are we will shortly. And just so you know, I have a few fun-fun things up those bright, yellow feathers of mine for the remainder of the year.

If cool tickets aren’t enough incentive to play, you might just be able to also get to hang out with me, The Dirt Cheap Chicken. Remember, the really late bird, always beats the early bird to the worm. So, on your next late night trip, checkout what I have going on. You’ll beat everyone the next morning. Think about it…it’s science.

Your favorite party fowl and soon to be famous explorer,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken