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Planning a New Years Party | Fresh Ideas For Fun!

Fresh New Ideas For Fun Fun New Years Parties!

With yet another year almost in the books, myself and the rest of our flock here at Dirt Cheap got to talking about some new and creative ideas for New Years Eve parties, and thought we’d share the discussion with our faithful followers.

We’ve condensed the list of ideas down to 5 of the best ideas we heard for planning a New Years party into this blog post. After reading, share your ideas with us as well! We’re always looking for FUN FUN ways to celebrate. If you like these ideas, use them, share them, and let us know how your party turned out, and, as always… we’re here to help you stock up for ALL of your party needs. From, beer to wine to liquor. From plates to napkins to cups. From food to forks to noise-makers. We’ve got you covered!

Okay, without further delay, let’s get to the list, shall we?

Prepare the Paparazzi

It seems these days, the phrases like “what happens in Vegas…” are all too rampant. What about the memories and special events you WANT to remember for a long time? How can you better memorialize an epic evening than through the use of photography? The problem has historically been keeping yourself of sound enough mind to remember to take pictures. Here’s a solution to that problem… have the entire party theme centered around photography!

Hire or designate photographer when planning a new years party whose sole purpose is to document and catalog the event as it unfolds. Rent a photo booth for one-off goofiness of your attendees. Then, have disposable cameras available throughout the party, or give one to each person as they show up. At the end of the evening we GUARANTEE that you’ll have a great collection of images to memorialize your event. Next step, make a video collage from the best the night had to offer, and send out a shareable video the next day to all your guests. This will surely make your night one to remember!

Crowdsource the Soundtrack

thats-my-jamThis one is simple, but takes a little time on the front end of the party. As you invite your guests, as a part of their RSVP, have them give you their top 3-5 party songs of all time. Take all of these submissions and make a custom playlist that will run throughout the evening.

We all know that no one can resist the urge to party when their personal jam comes on. This also ensures that when planning a new years party you’ll have the night’s mood set by the attendees and not based solely on tired, late-season Christmas tunes!

Keep Them Engaged

We’ve all been there, the LONG party that tires itself out and seems to drag on and on with no end in sight. Let’s face it, as well, as you age that sprint to midnight begins to turn into a long army-crawl up a hill.

To combat this drudgery, set up “time capsules” that are to be opened every hour on the hour leading up to midnight. These time capsules can include a new game to be played during that hour, a change in the party’s theme, whatever. Have party-goers speak in different accents, or switch roles with another party attendee and act like them for the next hour (if your crew isn’t overly sensitive to ridicule). Include a new drink recipe for that hour if libations are more your speed. This keeps the party fun and interesting.

Involve the Kiddos

So, your event is going to have kids in attendance, eh? No problem! When planning a new years party make sure they’re involved in the evening and not just sent to the basement to stare at each other. One idea we heard to keep kids and adults engaged at the same time was to set up scavenger hunts for kids… mini missions if you will that lead up to a large prize at midnight once all the clues are uncovered.

The adults should be the commanders of the missions, and send the kids out to find clues and prizes throughout the night. This keeps the kids busy instead of trying to figure out how many Matchbox cars will fit into the HVAC system in the basement. This also benefits the adults because while the kids are away on “missions” you’re free to celebrate with your friends, without the consistent interruptions and incessant tattling when Jimmy takes Mary’s noise-maker…

Prepare for the 1st

Like all good things, your event is going to end. When it does, sometimes you’re left knowing what’s still to come. Have your guests covered for the next day. As party favors, give them recovery kits filled with pain relievers, alka-seltzers, breakfast recipes, etc. Whatever makes sense for a good recovery the next day.

Perhaps your group isn’t the extremely wild type, and this is overkill. If that’s the case, it’s still funny, and your guests will see humor in it. Regardless, the stuff you put into the kit will get used at some point in the future! Who doesn’t need some extra Advil from time to time?


Folks, this wouldn’t be a Dirt Cheap post without our reminding you that no matter how you wish to celebrate this year, it’s imperative that you do so safely. When you’re planning a New Years party, MAKE SURE your guests always have access to a safe ride home if needed. Here’s a link to a service we recommend.

Also, if you’re hunting for drink ideas for your event, download our FREE DRINK RECIPES and become the ultimate bartender for the evening.

Lastly, when you’re stocking up for your event, don’t forget we’re your one-stop party shop. We can cater for you, and when you come to stock up, bring your CluckBuck coupon for a little extra savings.

Happy New Year!

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