Memorial Day – The Rise of the Jellinator

Dear Memorial Day Drinkers,

I’m writing you this letter in anticipation that you will prepare yourself for the coming of a machine with one mission…to make the best dang jello shots in the world!!!!

Like a cyborg sent back in time, the Jellinator is a lethal and efficient jello shot making machine. With an easy to use set up, there is no dripping or messes.

All you need to do is cook your jello mixture and pour it straight into the Jellinator’s funnel. Then just use the hose to fill up their jello shot cups. In fact, I’ve seen people line up tens of cups in a row, just filling them up one by one.

Awesome, right!!!

Now, I’ve been known to get a little caught up in things. Some would say my imagination gets the best of me. But, the more jello shots I take from the Jellinator, the more I think I’m becoming a robot.

I know, I know…I’ve heard that’s impossible. But consider this evidence:

  • I am suddenly speaking with an Austrian accent.
  • I drink “Diesel” to power my circuits. AKA Budweiser
  • I can only seem to do the robot when dancing

Jellinator and robot issues aside, I plan to do it up big this Memorial Day. Dirt Cheap is the “Party Headquarters,” and as all my fellow Cheap-Cheap, Fun-Fun friends know, the place to go for beer, spirits mixers, wine and party supplies!!! With 14 area locations, Dirt Cheap is the way to, and back, from any party!!!

Remember, have FUN, but be careful out there!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

P.S. I may joke about Memorial Day parties, but it is also important to remember the meaning of the holiday. From all up us at Dirt Cheap, we would like to thank anyone who has defended our freedom!