Liquor Store St. Louis: Why You Should Drink Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Dear Octoberfest Fans,

There are a bunch of reasons to enjoy a nice beer every once in a while…but there are even more reasons to drink Samuel Adams Octoberfest this Fall! As your favorite party fowl, I have sampled ales, lagers, pilsners, bocks, double bocks and have even been known to occasionally dive into a stout from time to time. Wait…what was I saying again? Oh yeah, I drink a good amount of beer and Samuel Adams Octoberfest is one of my favorites!

There are a bunch of reasons to drink Samuel Adams Octoberfest, especially this time of year. Here’s a few fun Fall actives that can’t quite live up to the beer…unless of course the two activities are being done simultaneously, and in that case: double awesome!

Liquor Store St. LouisCarving pumpkins: In theory carving pumpkins is awesome! It gives you a chance to show your inner artist…but sometimes that

inner artist should stay hidden. And don’t forget who is cleaning up!

Advantage: Samuel Adams Octoberfest




Liquor Store St. LouisRaking Leaves: The year is coming to an end. All you need to do is rake and mulch up a few of those leaves. There’s a big problem here, it will take forever. Put away those lawn bags, you deserve an ice cold beer.

Advantage: Samuel Adams Octoberfest




Liquor Store St. LouisBackyard Football: Remember your little nephew Timmy? Well now he’s “Tim the Wrecking Ball”, college football’s most feared middle linebacker. For some reason, backyard football just got a little more intense…

Advantage: Samuel Adams Octoberfest




As you can see, Samuel Adams Octoberfest is just about the most fun thing about Fall. But, most of all it puts the fun, fun in just about any situation! Lucky for you Dirt Cheap isn’t just any liquor store in St. Louis, we’re the best. I have a variety of other Octoberfest beers at cheap, cheap prices. If you’ve never visited up before, come check out our stores. We guarantee our associates will “Wow” and “Amaze” you!

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Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken