Liquor Store: Dirt Cheap Comes to Ballwin MO

Dear New Neighbors,

In some neighborhoods it is customary to give your new neighbor a Jell-O mold. That’s nice. It shows caring, comradely, a great sense of community!

liquor store st. louisThis got me thinking…I just moved to a new neighborhood.  What should I give to my new neighbors in Ballwin MO?

Oh…wait. You didn’t know? Yes, I’ve added my 16th location right smack dab in the middle of Ballwin, MO. I guess that makes me a Ballwinian. Or a Ballwiner. No wait, maybe its Ballwinite?

Either way, I am in the action on Manchester Road, between Ries and New Ballwin.

And so far, I’ve got to say…it’s been great! I’ve had plenty of visitors and the fair Ballwinites have taken very kindly to my cheap-cheap, fun-fun!

Which takes me back to my first point! I don’t have time to bake everyone a cake or set a Jell-O mold. So, my I’m going to concentrate on what I’m good at…giving the people what they want!

The new store offers everything you’d expect from Dirt Cheap…like cheap beer, fine wine, liquor and tobacco. And there is something else my Ballwin MO location has….gas! That’s right, this store is a service station. So, next time you stop by, you can fill up in more than one way!

At the end of the day, we’ve built this company around listening to you…and it’s been working. We are more than happy to order special request on merchandise. For example, that one beer you love…but no one seems to have it. We’ll order it for you, directly to the store.

We’re so excited to open a store, and we want your first trip to be a fun, fun experience! Take a CluckBuck on me! This is our form of currency, which will help you save on the maiden trip to Dirt Cheap.

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken