Irish Beer, Whiskey and Cream…The Four Leaf Clover of Dirt Cheap

Top o’ the morning to yah!

It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day, and I the Chicken, have been hard at work getting ready! You wouldn’t believe all that I need to do. First I had to dust off my old Irish accent…”hey laddie”…then I had to find all my green cloths. Both were a success!

Irish-beer-whiskey-creamAfter that, I went to find a four leaf clover, to bring myself some much needed luck. Then I looked, and I looked, and I looked, but apparently four leaf clovers are hard to find this time of year. I poked around behind my store for a minute, then I had a moment of inspiration…I’ll make my own four leaf clover!

To do this I found the luckiest things I could…Irish beer, Irish whiskey, Irish cream and Irish beer. (It’s so important, I used it twice.) Hence the Dirt Cheap four leaf clover was born!

Now I know what you’re saying, how is that lucky? And my response, how isn’t that lucky? Think about it. Would you be more excited is a clover fell out for the sky? Or a bottle of booze?

Easier than that history exam you cheated on! Right?

If you want to make your own four leaf clover…or instant St. Patrick’s fun as I like to call it…here’s how.

1. Drive your local Dirt Cheap

2. Pick up the following items:

Brady’s Irish Cream – $8.99 for a 750 ml bottle
Killian’s Irish Red – $5.99 for 6 pack bottles
Guinness Draught – $8.69 for 6 pack bottles
Jameson Irish Whiskey – $37.99 for 1.75L bottle
50ml Shooters only .99

3. Yell…”A wee little price, for so much fun, fun.

4. Proceed to St. Patrick ’s Day fun!

Did you get all of that? Good.

Remember, everyone’s Irish on St. Pat’s Day! So, drink like they do on the Emerald Isle! Besides from these few items above, we also have little extras for your celebration, like plates, pint glasses and shot glasses.

Have a safe and fun St. Pat’s Day!

Your Favorite Party Fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken