history of beer

A History of Beer

Believe it or not, the Dirt Cheap Chicken likes to think deeply. Sometimes, when I’m home from a party enjoying a cold beer, I wonder where it came from. I know it came from Dirt Cheap Liquor, but what happened before that….

Let’s take a trip together. Don’t worry — we aren’t going to fly. I’m good at lots of things, but flying’s just not my bag. Just close your eyes.

Poof. It’s 12,000 years ago, and you’re watching some cave-dude plant his crops. Soon, he’ll harvest them, and store them where it gets rainy. A few weeks later, boom. Crappy beer.

That’s right. Beer was probably invented by mistake. Grain gets wet. The water and wild yeast ferment it. A caveman’s lady drinks it and, all of a sudden, the cave man gets handsome. Needless to say, this made this new drink pretty popular with the caveman set.

We’ve found Chinese rice beer from 9,000 years ago. The good stuff — made with barley — dates back about 5,000 years. In 1800 BC, the Sumerians wrote a song to celebrate their goddess of tasty tasty beer. No, it wasn’t the St. Pauli Girl, but someone told me the song sounded just like “Louie Louie!”

To be honest, some of the first attempts at making a fine ale tasted a bit… wait for it…. wait for it… fowl. Brewers used all sort of wacky ingredients to flavor it — including olive oil. Others used water from rivers that people used as canals for animal poop. But things got better.

By the Middle Ages, Christian monks got into the game and started making the kinds of drinks that we’d recognize today. They started adding hops, too, just like a modern IPA. By 1400, brewers in England invented ales, which fermented more quickly than cold-fermented lagers. In 1516, the Reinheitsgebot became law in Bavaria. It specified that beermakers use only water, grain and hops (yeast was added to the list in 1857). Some brewers still follow that law today.

OK. Trip’s over. We’re back to modern times. Today, brewing is a global industry that produces more different types of tasty tasty brew than I can drink in a day. And,trust me, I’ve tried.

Now that you know what you’ve been drinking, it’s time to stop on in at Dirt Cheap and grab a six-pack. Or three. From the biggest corporate lager to a small funky microbrew, I’ve got everything that you could want, and I keep it cold. Really cold.

Take a second and download a Cluck Buck before you come in. After all, the only thing more fun-fun than cold beer is when it’s cheap-cheap, too!

Your Favorite Party Fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken