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New Product: Henry’s Hard Soda


Henry’s Hard Soda at Dirt Cheap

Henry LogoHey, Dirt Cheap fans! On the lookout for a new drink to try? You’re in luck! We’re making it easy for you by making it hard…Henry’s hard, that is. If boozy soda doesn’t sound like perfection to you, think again. Because you just HAVE to try Henry’s Hard Soda. This is a new proposal and it’s in the form of a drink…so how could you say no?

What is Henry’s Hard Soda?

So, what is Henry’s Hard Soda? Maybe you’ve heard of hard root beer and, if so, this new booze + soda combination is similar. Henry’s Hard Soda is available in two flavors, Hard Ginger Ale and Hard Orange Soda. It’s now available for purchase in six-packs of 12 oz. bottles as well as 16 oz. individual cans! Can you say, “Fun! Fun!”?

The classic beer, wine & liquor here at Dirt Cheap are my favorites, but Henry’s Hard Soda is a special option that quenches that sweet craving and gives a little more excitement to your taste buds. We’re loving this new creation and have no doubt that it’ll be a new staple at parties and fun get-togethers!

Ways to Enjoy Henry’s Hard Soda in St. Louis

Here are 5 places in St. Louis to get out and enjoy this new boozy pop:

  1. Picnic in Forest Park: Spring is right around the corner in STL, and there’s nothing quite like getting out to Forest Park to enjoy some of the warmer weather and take in some sunshine. Why not do it this year with a Henry’s Hard Soda before the St. Louis summer heat sets in? Yikes.
  2. Tailgating Before or After the Game: Baseball season’s just around the corner. What could possibly be more American than some good ol’ fashioned baseball + some good friends + a new boozy elixir? Gotta celebrate those Redbird “W’s” somehow, and it might as well be with a fun new drink! And your designated driver can drink regular soda!
  3. After a Bike Ride at Grant’s Trail: So you bike and you run and you stroll on the trail. But we all deserve a break from that calorie-burning exertion, so why not celebrate with a nice punch of Hard Orange Soda? And, you don’t even have to wait until you’re finished…there’s no shame in rewarding yourself when you’ve made it halfway!! (Remember, no drinking ON the trail. It’s prohibited.)
  4. Family Get-Togethers & BBQs: If St. Louis is home, there are sure to be family gatherings no matter what the season or the weather. And, c’mon, let’s be honest…you know there’s that one uncle or cousin you’re always trying to avoid, or at least not converse with sober. So, let Henry’s new product be your go-to when times get a little stressful. Extra bonus: you’ll be sure to ward off those nagging comments from Grandma who is wary of your drinking habits because, hey, it’s just soda…at least, it looks that way.
  5. Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: It’s the last night of your single life… That means the best food, the best friends, the best memories, and yes, the best drinks. Henry’s Hard Soda wants to send you off to your awaiting spouse feeling happy and confident, so hurry and come give us a visit here at Dirt Cheap! Pop, sizzle, clink…let’s get the party started!
  6. Sister-in-Law’s Baby Shower: Okay, okay…maybe we should’ve stopped at 5.

As always, please drink safely and responsibly. We’re excited to have you stop by and try out this new product, so don’t forget to bring in your CluckBuck coupon to save yourself a bit of extra cash. Have FUN, but be careful out there!

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  1. Chupacabra

    Mr. Brophy says hard root beers and hard sodas have a chance to outlast boozed-up pop predecessors because they play on nostalgia and appeal to beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike. Another key, he says, is marketing to both men and women, a tactic employed successfully by Not Your Father’s.