Graduation Party List


I don’t understand how you can party four years straight, graduate, and then your parents throw you another party. Well, I guess that’s why they call it college…. (insert awkward silence for bad joke).

I’ll be honest, college was the best eight years of my life. I partied, slept, ate ramen, and partied some more. You might even say I majored in the social sciences!

Although I never “officially” graduated, I did throw myself the most ridiculous party. Heck, there were even farm animals there – get it? Obviously, too slow college grad.

Back to the party. It was so big infact, it has since gone down in folklore history. I think they even have a class about it – called something like Dirt Cheap 101.  I hear the final will have you up late.

Now, most of the details from that night are hazy. But, I clearly recall my trip to Dirt Cheap that night. Here’s my shopping list:

  • 20  cases  of “Beer 30”
  • 2 Pony Kegs of Budweiser
  • 5 Kegs of Bud Light
  • 500 party plates
  • 7750 party cups
  • 323 Fifths of Jagermeister
  • 1,080 bottles of Sweet Cheeks

I may not have aced all of my exams but as you can see from my heavy list above, I did take away the most important and useful lesson of college….Dirt Cheap is your go-to Party Headquarters for all things Fun-Fun!

So if you’re throwing a grad party, or having one thrown for you, check-in to see what we can do for you. We are one of the few remaining places in St. Louis to buy kegs. Keep that in mind if your grad party guests still drink like they are in college!!!

For only $110.99, you can get 1984 ounces of ice cold beer. Talk about keeping the party going! Who knows, with a few extra beers, Uncle Ed might write you a bigger check!

We have 13 area stores with everything you are going to need – soft drinks, partyware, snacks, and of course wine, spirits and beer!

Congrats Grads…it’s time to party!!!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken