Fun Holiday Party Ideas

Planning for Holiday Get-Togethers

Fun Fun Ideas for Holiday Party Planning!

It’s the most wonder-fowl time of the year! At Dirt Cheap, it’s one of our many times to shine as your one-stop party headquarters. We know that as the holidays come around, many of our customers are planning holiday parties and get-togethers for their family, co-workers, and friends. As your provider of Cheap & Fun products for your parties, we’ve also put this post together to help you with some FUN holiday party ideas!

What Kind of Party Are You Having?

The very first step in planning and hosting a party is to determine what type of party you’re going to have. This is one of the most important steps in planning, actually! Sure, this time of year it’s a holiday party, but what extra spin can you out on your event to make it more unique and interesting to the attendees?

We’ve all heard of the “ugly sweater” party and the like, but why not invent your own theme? While sitting in the chicken coupe during long winters, I’ve always thought it would be a neat idea to also do new costume themes… what about “Elf-on-a-Shelf” parties… everyone comes dressed as their favorite Santa Helper. After all, with all the hard work the elves do each year, shouldn’t they get to party a bit also?

The point is, get creative with this aspect of the party planning. When you’re looking for fun holiday party ideas, this is the MOST important step and will most remembered by attendees.

Who Will You Invite

This step in developing fun holiday party ideas is also very important. The tone of the party will change depending on whether you’re inviting family, friends, or co-workers to your party. Perhaps you’re extra courageous and invite a mix of all three!

When you decide who you’re inviting make sure to communicate to attendees who else will be invited. This will perhaps change how they dress, and their expectations for the event. Knowing who else will be there will help your guests prepare and feel comfortable. This is very important!

Of Course You’ll Need Libation Considerations

The bar… the centerpiece of any well-planned holiday party. The planning you put into your drink menu for the party is paramount to the feel of the party (canned beer for less formal, glass and stemware for more formal).

At Dirt Cheap we always encourage our customers to choose a featured drink or two for the party. Name these with fun and creative names for the event. With so many cocktail options out there, there’s sure to be one that matches up nicely with your tastes and the party’s theme. Need some help choosing a cocktail? Let us help… DOWNLOAD OUR DRINK RECIPES, pick out a couple of easy favorites and give them little clever names. You’re on your way to the best party of all time!

Food! Don’t Forget Food!

With all the consideration you’ve given to the rest of the party’s details, you will want to make sure that your event comes stocked with plenty of good eats and snacks to keep your party-goers fueled up to have the time of their lives.

When you’re planning your food choices and options, think back to your theme and also the attendees. What does your type of party need? How does the food relate to the theme? From an attendee perspective, are there any special diet considerations you need to keep in mind? Don’t be the person that serves Nutter Butter cookies and milk to a party full of lactose intolerant individuals with nut allergies!

Need some help with catering? We can help out with that a bit? Check out and download this CATERING MENU from one of our affiliate businesses!

Safety First

What, with all this drinking, eating, and celebrating you didn’t think we’d forget to remind you to “be careful out there” did ya? In all seriousness, the holiday season is a great time to celebrate with friends and family, but also make sure you have safe an convenient options for those that might need a little help getting home. By doing your part with a little extra planning you can help keep the roads a little safer this year as well.

To help you out if you’re in St. Louis, here’s a link to a company that provides both convenience and safety for your guests. Provide this info to your guests with your invitations, and you’ve done your part to help the season be that much more merry!

One Last Thing!

With all this planning talk, we wanted to leave you with one final piece of advice… save money where you can. This is what Dirt Cheap is all about! Click the button below and get a CluckBuck coupon on us to be used when you come in to stock up for the party!

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Happy Holidays!