Festive Dirt Cheap Gift Ideas

There are basically two types of people that are nearly impossible to buy gifts for. These include: (1) Those who seem to have everything already and (2) those you don’t really know, such as your boss. When the holidays arrive, it can be exhausting to figure out what to buy these folks. Do you simply guess? Hopefully she will enjoy the pink fluffy robe… and matching slippers. It’s unfortunate that the season happens to bring such frustration with its warm greetings and cozy cheer. But don’t let the stress of shopping dampen your Christmas spirit; Dirt Cheap has plenty of gift ideas that are certain to please even the pickiest of picky.


For your boss:  Let’s face it, he needs a drink. A strong one. After all, he has you for an employee, doesn’t he? The mysterious thing about liquor cabinets is that they always have room for another bottle. Treat your superior to a prestigious batch of Woodford Reserve Bourbon or a Maker’s Mark gift set. It might be the best gift he’s ever received.


For your mother-in-law:  Sure she can be intrusive, condescending, and blunt – but she’s family. Last year’s Christmas present was a fiasco (who knew free weights were a bad idea?), so 2011 allows no room for mistakes. This holiday season, impress her with a gift she is certain to use, such as a case of her favorite wine. Dirt Cheap is stocked to the max with an incredible selection of vino from around the world. To help her keep wine (and liquor) chilled, give her a Caddyo. This stylish wine caddy comes with a wine stopper, pourer, wine pull, and six charms. At only $17.99, it’s a fabulous way to impress your Mother-in-law. Despite her comical passive aggression, she deserves a fabulous Christmas; after all, she did raise your better half.


For the college grad: Believe it or not, your younger brother is finally a college grad! Ok, this may not be news; it’s been more than 6 months since he’s donned his cap and gown. However, he’s still jobless (darn the economy) and living in your parent’s basement. Believe us, he needs a pick-me-up. This Christmas, you can give little Bobby the gift of one last hoorah before 2012. Present him with a party package of ping-pong balls, red Solo cups, permanent markers and his favorite ice old beer. Lots of beer. Come January 1st, he’ll have to start skimming the Classifieds for job openings – but your gift will allow him one last chance to be a post-grad lazy bum. You’ll be the best sibling ever.


And if you are still on the fence about what to get, how about a Dirt Cheap gift a card? With our large selection of beer, wine, and liquor, your recipient is sure to find just what he or she is looking for!


Well, that about wraps up our shopping guide. May your holidays be filled with cheer and your glasses filled with beer (or any of the festive recipes featured on our other post). Dirt Cheap has some fabulous gift sets for sale at each of our locations; drop in to check out the goods. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Dirt Cheap! Be careful out there, folks.