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All About E Cig and Vapor Flavors

After a long day at the chicken coop, who wouldn’t want to have a few puffs of a vapor pen or an e cig? It’s a great way to relax, kick back and unruffle your feathers. And, with all of the flavors of e-liquid that you can get at Dirt Cheap, it’s tasty, too.

You probably know that unlike a cigar or cigarette, an e cig doesn’t have any tobacco. No matches, no lighters and no singed beak. I hate when that happens. instead, it uses a battery, some electronic doo dads and sweet, sweet e-juice. When you “smoke” an electronic cigarette, you’re actually breathing in vaporized juice.

E-juice is made up of three main ingredients. The first is usually nicotine, which is the active ingredient in cigarettes. E-juices come in varying strengths — 0 percent juice has no nicotine, 1.8 percent juice is equivalent to a cigarette and 2.4 percent gives you a little extra pep. The second is propylene glycol. PG might have a long name, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. People with asthma inhale it since it’s what holds the medication, fog machines blow it out, toothpaste uses it to hold the fluoride and mint, and many food products use it. Finally, e-juice has the same natural and artificial flavorings that you find in drinks and food.

Dirt Cheap has just about any flavor that you could want, and they’re all cheap-cheap. If you want to feel like you’re smoking a regular cigarette, you can buy a tobacco flavored brand. Others are minty and can taste like menthol or peppermint. Feeling fruity? I’ve got grape, cherry, berry and even pina colada e-juice. You can also get vanilla, coffee, chocolate or spicy flavors like clove. The only flavor we don’t have? Chicken. Besides, who’d want to eat chicken?

No matter what flavor you choose, they all have the same e cig benefits. The vapor is just harmless water and propylene glycol. You don’t make smoke or ashes, either. It tastes great for you but doesn’t annoy people around you or make you smell like stake cigarettes. You can enjoy your e cig just about anywhere. Don’t feel like eggs for breakfast? I don’t. That’s why I like to enjoy a nice chocolate e cig with my coffee.

Whether you’re an e cig pro or you’re new to electronic smoking, come on in to Dirt Cheap. We have lots of choices for e cigs and offer the full range of nicotine strengths. And don’t worry about flavors — all of ours are still finger lickin‘ good. Wait. Did I say that?

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Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken