E Cig Starter Kit: All You Need to Know

Dear Smokers,

Have you heard about e cigs or e cig starter kits? We’ve had a number of people come to Dirt Cheap asking about how they work and what they do. So as your ambassador to cheap-cheap and fun-fun, I thought it I’d give you some background!

The Low Down:

E cigs look very similar to a regular cigarette, but there is one very big difference. They are not rolled with tobacco, or need a lighter. E cigs instead run off a battery, vaporizer and cartridge containing the liquid nicotine. They are often built of metal and not much bigger than a cigarette. They are an inexpensive alternative to traditional smoking and do not produce secondhand smoke.

How Do They Work?

I know what you’re saying. If there isn’t any smoke…how do I smoke? The fact is there isn’t actually any burning involved, so there isn’t any smoke involved either. When you take a puff on an e cig, the device heats the liquid nicotine and turns it into a vapor. The act of smoking is no different, but there will not be any ash, smell or tar. You can also choose from a variety of flavored tobaccos, including nicotine free options. The flavors come in cartridges that last about 250 puffs, or equal to a pack of cigarettes.

Your e cig will charge its internal lithium ion battery through a wall socket or USP, and your e cigs can even come in “packs” for easy storage.

Why e cigarettes?

E cigs let you decide when you can smoke. No longer does that circle with a cross out apply to you. You can smoke at your favorite restaurant or even in a crowded movie theater. When all of your friends are inside, you won’t need to run out for smoke break. You will always be in the action.

Once again since there is not smoke, there won’t be any offensive odor for others to smell. That means your cloths will not have a smell from the smoke, and your teeth will not yellow.

How Do I Start?

How to start is up to you. There is understandably a learning curve attached to switching your smoking habits, but change can be a good thing. At Dirt Cheap, we have the state’s largest selection of e cigs and e cig starter kits. Ranging from $7.99 to $89.99, we have e cig starter kits and disposables from top-rated brands FIN, NJoy, Cigalectric, Metro and MORE!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

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