What is a DraftMark Tap System?

Do barstools ruffle your tail feathers? Have you ever gotten your beak stuck in a long neck? No? Well, do you like cheap-cheap draft beer?

I thought so.

If you’re tired of paying $5, $6 or even more for a perfectly poured pint of frosty cold beer and having to leave your place, I’ve got a solution for you — the DraftMark tap system. It gives you the same draft beer you get at your favorite bar right out of your fridge. Here’s the great part… It’s cheap, easy, and fun.

How does it work? I’m glad you weren’t too chicken to ask. First, put your pants on. Don’t worry. I’ll wait. Next, c’mon down to Dirt Cheap. Next, buy a DraftMark system and some refills. Trust me, once you buy a DraftMark, you’ll want to keep it full. Also, buy a nice cold six-pack. Now, head home.

Once you get home, charge the DraftMark’s rechargeable battery. While it’s charging, leave the mini-keg in the fridge to get cold. After four to six hours (see now why I told you to get a six-pack), the beer will be cold and the battery will be ready. Plug in the battery, put in the keg, tap it with the spout, and remember to tilt your glass!

Behind the scenes, the DraftMark is filled with a gallon of tasty tasty beer. As you pour the beer, a liner squeezes the beer out of the keg. This keeps air away from the beer so that it’s always fresh and delicious. In fact, your beer will last 30 days in the keg — if you can leave it there that long without drinking it.

I love my DraftMark system. Here’s why:

  • I get lots of choices. When I’m in a “poulet” kind of mood, I can have a fancy Goose Island IPA, but when it’s time for the Funky Chicken, it’s hard to beat a Bud.
  • Pints are perfect. They hold a little more than a can and a little less than two cans. Of course, I can also drink beer by the quart or half gallon too.
  • It’s easy. I don’t even have to clean anything since it comes with a new spout every time I buy another refill. Less time cleaning is more time drinking.
  • Draft beer is cool. And it goes well with just about anything you would want to eat. Except chicken. Nothing goes with chicken.
  • I’m saving the world… One can at a time. Instead of breaking my beak lugging home cans and bottles of beer, I just get a single refill bottle. Easy.
  • If you’re ready for the future of beer, come and see me at Dirt Cheap. I’ll get the party started in your fridge!

Your favorite party fowl,
The Dirt Cheap Chicken

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