Dirt Cheap: Freaky Muscato Sparkling Wine Tasting

Freaky Muscato provides you with a moment in time that will not be forgotten.  Freaky Muscato has universal appeal that gives a mild frizzante effect – resulting in lively, unique, unusual and rare experiences.  Freaky Muscato is timeless and the hottest trend Dirt Cheap has in store right now.

Yes, we know…the name’s a little funky. It certainly does not evoke visions of the world’s most famous sparkling wine, Champagne. But Freaky Muscato isn’t made for the prime and proper section. It doesn’t have a long history of boat christenings or country club lunches. What Freaky Muscato does offer is a fun, youthful energy. Oh, and did we mention the taste? Made from freshly-crushed grapes, Freaky Muscato has an invigorating aroma that captures the imagination before it even touches the lips. And once it does, the vibrant, unique flavor will win you over. Please remember to serve chilled, enjoy the journey and never freak and drive!

Recently, Dirt Cheap locations were fortunate enough to be able to offer the St. Louis community a sampling of Freaky Muscato. Even better yet, we had the faces of the champagne in store. St. Lunatics and brothers, Murphy Lee and Kyjuan were in our Dirt Cheap stores signing bottles of Freaky Muscato and offering all samplers a copy of their latest cd.

The St. Louis community was out in full force and many visitors were surprised by the party they found in the back of Dirt Cheap. They were greeted with a hug from the chicken, given the opportunity to sample the delicious Freaky Muscato and left with a signed bottle of wine in hand! Most visitors were even lucky enough to see one of the many dance-offs that took place between our very own Chicken and the St. Lunatics. Good times and great drinks were shared by all! If you missed this one, be on the lookout and be sure not to miss the next time Murphy Lee and Kyjuan stop by! If you just can’t wait until the next visit, come by and see us we’ve got Freaky Muscato in store and we’ll be ready to help you get freaky!