Dirt Cheap Stock and ‘Stache for Ram’s Tickets

Dear mustached Americans,

Your time has finally come. It’s not easy rocking the upper lip sweater, but now, you are going to be rewarded! As you know, the coach of the Ram’s has one of the most recognizable staches in the business. And in his likeness, I am letting two lucky people win four tickets and a Swag Bag for a Ram’s game. Wait…did I mention I am picking  new winners for each home game!

So, how do you enter? Well, first off, you don’t actually need to be a mustached American.

When you go to any participating Dirt Cheap, I’ll have a display set up with me the Chicken! (You might recognize me by the ‘stache)

Strike a pose at the display and take picture with your smart phone. Then, follow the instructions on the display to upload your fabulous ‘stache pic to 101ESPN.

At this point you will need to go online to 101ESPN and vote, vote, vote for your favorite ‘stache pic. Since you can bring 3 friends to the game…hopefully you can also wrangle up 3 votes! The top three vote getting ‘stache pics will then be judged by 101ESPN and Dirt Cheap and a winner will be
Remember, there are 8 regular season games meaning there are 8 different chances to win! In all, this is really eight different contests. Each week, I will wipe the slate clean and we will start over. Entries from the previous week won’t count so you’ll want to strike a new stance for each round. Get excited because this means you can finally break out those modeling poses we know you have ‘stached away and saved for special occasions just like this!crowned. Winning photos will be judged based on creativity and “Rams Spirit” shown in the pose with my cardboard cutout.

This is fast, fast and totally fun, fun! So, whether you’re stopping by for a 6 pack or picking up for tailgate, entering the “Stock and Stache” will only take second.

If the tickets we’re awesome enough, just think of the support you are showing for mustached Americans everywhere! Good luck and ‘stache on!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

PS: All of the staches at my stores are different. So, if one doesn’t fit your liking, there may be one at a different Dirt Cheap store just for you. Cheap-Cheap, Fun-Fun!!!!