Ready, Set, Action St. Louis – Direct and Star in THE NEXT Dirt Cheap Commercial

Dirt Cheap Directors,

It’s finally happened. I’ve been racking my brain day and night to come up with a new Dirt Cheap commercial. And wouldn’t you know it…I’ve got nothing.

So, I’m turning to YOU to come up with THE NEXT great Dirt Cheap commercial. That means one grand prize winner will have the opportunity to write, direct and even star in a :30 second spot I will have shot and produced. You can include your friends, your grandma or even your pet Chihuahua…..on second thought, I’m scared of dogs.

I will run this commercial on TV over a four week stretch later this summer. That means all of your friends will see you during local baseball games!!!

But, there can only be one winner! I am looking for greatest, most creative concepts. To do so, I am collecting short :30 second videos. From there, I will choose a select few, open them up to a vote and video with the most votes wins!!!

Time to bust out the beret, slate and acting chair, because here’s how you play:

  • Create your own :30 second commercial based upon Dirt Cheap being your “Party Headquarters.” It can be anything and whatever quality you can muster. That means camera phones, webcams or HD cameras. It doesn’t matter!!!
  • Submissions must have the email subject line “Be the Director” and be sent with title and description by email to, which must include 1.) Entrant’s Full Name 2.) Entrant’s Phone Number 3.) Entrant’s Date of Birth (Must be 21) 4.)  Entrant’s Video in .WMV format.
  • Dirt Cheap will judge the videos submitted and select up to five as finalists. The finalists will be entered into a poll on the Dirt Cheap website, the entrant (1) with the most votes at the close of the voting period will be awarded the grand prize.

It’s that easy!!! I’m sure you’re asking, what’s the catch? In fact, there isn’t one. You just need to hurry, because I have strict deadlines.

June 11 – July 31

  • Promotion open for all entries
  • Entry Deadline: July 31st

August 1 – August 15

  • Selected top five videos open for voting on website
  • Voting closes August 15th

August 15

  • Winner is announced!

If you need help, or have a questions email me at Make sure to include “Be the Director” in the subject line. I am a busy a chicken, and this will really help me out. Click on the below link for a PDF of details and rules.


Click Here to Download Complete Rules


Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken