St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day and My Part-time Gig

Dear Fans of Redbird Nation,

I’ve been at my current gig for a long time now. You might even call me a lifer. Being the official spokeschicken for Dirt Cheap comes with a lot of perks, and barely any responsibility – a recipe for a tough day at the office.

While I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, I did apply for one other job this winter. I typed up my resume, listed myself as a reference and sent it in. I waited, and waited, and waited. Then…I saw someone else had gotten the position. I. Was. Crushed.

Now, I know I may not have had any experience, but the Mike Matheny guy they hired didn’t have any experience either. So I sulked, and called my buddy Fredbird, then went out for drinks with Mike Shannon.

After a few months, I’ve accepted that maybe Matheny is more qualified than me. So now, I am preparing for opening day in another way – with all the delicious Anheuser-Busch products I can drink.

I generally love anything with an alcohol content, but nothing goes down better on opening day than an ice cold Budweiser. Since it should be a little toasty this year, I picked up a 15 pack of aluminum bottles at $15.99*.  These bottles stay cooler longer and hold 16 ounces. #Winning.

Even better, I also picked up a cooler for my beer and some champagne to celebrate our home opener victory. (What, it’s the little things that count!)

Kind of like Christmas, I had trouble resisting my temptation to “test” my new stuff. Yesterday, I opened up a few of my Budweiser’s as a “pre-celebration.” It got me thinking, as beer usually does. Just because I didn’t land the job I wanted, doesn’t mean I can’t moonlight over at Busch Stadium. And I found an opening – the official Rally Chicken!

I know there are some kinks to work out, but this job is mine for the taking. Check back as I figure this out.

This week, stop by your local Dirt Cheap store and pick up everything you need for opening day. We have all the beer, wine and liquor you’d ever need, plus on Friday we will be handing out sweet baseball tattoos and beads to help root on our Red Birds to victory!

Go Cards! 12 in 12!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

*Prices may vary by location.