Dirt Cheap Question of the Month

Christmas Elf Dirt Cheap Chicken

Q: When the fear of a holiday season without beer, liquor or wine sets in, who do you turn to?

A. Santa Paws

B. Santa Chicken (Aka The Dirt Cheap Chicken)

C. Buddy the Elf

Answer: Santa Chicken with Dirt Cheap of course! Where else do you go to find a HUGE selection of Beer, Liquor and Wine at Cheap Cheap prices? Dirt Cheap! Your one stop party shop. And don’t forget about Holiday Gift Sets folks. All of the holiday gift sets I stock at Dirt Cheap make gift giving easy. Think of all of the gifts you could give — underwear, socks, drumming Santas that plug into USB ports, and heated windshield scrapers. Now ask yourself: would I rather have that gift, or liquor and glasses. Me too. So come on down and choose one so that you don’t cluck up anyone’s Christmas.


Start your Holiday off right and get $1 OFF your next purchase with a Cluck Buck. See you soon!