Cheap Liquor: Why Men…and Women Like Whiskey

Hey drinking buddy!

Let’s talk turkey. No, not that thing you eat instead of me. Let’s talk about Wild Turkey and other great whiskeys. It’s the hot drink– for men and women. And we’ve got a bunch of it in our selection of cheap liquor.
You could just run in and grab a bottle of cheap liquor — it’s what I do and I always end up happy — but there’s more to whiskey than just being brown and tasty. And dudes like different whiskey from girls.

Did you know that women generally have better senses of taste than men? It’s true. Their more sensitive tongues help them find more flavors in everything they eat and drink. And that can mean that they pick up more of the bitterness and burn that makes whiskey unique.

Don’t worry, ladies. The whiskey companies know that you want something a little different, and they’ve responded by creating special, flavored whiskeys.

A flavored whiskey is a regular whiskey, but with something extra added. They give you all of the goodness of whiskey but the flavoring helps to calm both the burn and the bitterness. Here are some of the flavors that you might find. And don’t worry — they’re all relatively cheap liquor:

Here’s the crazy thing, the companies introduced flavored whiskey to get girls to drink more of it. But guys started drinking it. It’s good. It’s brown. And it’s easy to shoot.

Prefer the straight stuff? No problem. Whiskey, scotch and bourbon without flavoring are still popular. Some of them are so popular that we can’t keep them in stock and the distillers can’t make enough of them, so hurry in and get what you can. Don’t know what you want? Here’s a quick guide:

1. Whiskey is made of distilled grain spirit (it starts out like beer!) and gets stored in oak barrels. It’s at least 80 proof and it tastes really good.

2. Bourbon is a type of whiskey that is made with at least 51 percent corn and gets stored only in new, charred oak barrels.

3. Scotch is whiskey from Scotland.

You can flavor the straight stuff, too. Scotch traditionally gets mixed with soda and Bourbon with coke. I like to mix them with a little bit or ice or nothing so that I can enjoy them.

Come on in to Dirt Cheap Liquors. I’ve got lots of whiskey, scotch and bourbon — flavored or not. If you want cheap liquor that tastes good, try our house brand. We also have all of the top luxury brands and fine single-malt scotches.

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