College Football Bowl Games – Party at My Place

Dear College Football Fans,

This sacred time of year is finally upon us. My fridge is already stocked with beer and now I just need to watch some football!!!

Most years I have a few teams I root for. I usually like a specific player, or a coach…but this year, I will be locked in for one game, The R + L Carriers New Orleans!

You may wonder why I care so deeply for East Carolina vs. Louisiana-Lafayette. Well, I just found out that the Louisiana-Lafayette has a fellow fowl. That’s right, their mascot is actually a chicken! The Fabulous Cajun Chicken to be more exact!

So, I am ready to watch. But for any of you newbie’s, here’s a list of things to consider when you watch football with the Chicken!

-Choose refreshments wisely: Football is full of X’s and O’s, and choosing the proper refreshments can be just as strategic. Be sure to pick a drink that matches the atmosphere of your get together. I often drink Budweiser or Miller Lite for large get togethers, or Jack Daniel’s and Coke’s for smaller football get parties.

-Replace beer in the fridge: Party foul, party foul, party foul. When you grab a beer, always replace it! My friends often make this mistake, so now I use the Draftmark beer tap system. It’s a mini tapper for your fridge.

-Use a plate and napkin: Even if you are the manliest, man…you better use a plate and napkin! They’re only a dollar at Dirt Cheap, and everyone knows food on the carpet is never cool.

-Don’t spend too much: Don’t overpay for your party gear – beer, wine, liquor, and paper ware. Seriously. Go to Dirt Cheap.

-Talk only during commercials…just not mine: I love to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, just not during football games…or Dirt Cheap commercials. Remember to keep an eye out for my commercials during most College Bowl Games.

Man, I can’t wait to see the Fabulous Cajun Chicken! Wait…what did you say??? The Fabulous Cajun Chicken doesn’t come to games anymore?!? And they’re new mascot is a Cajun Pepper?!? What a disappointment!

Well, I’m not going to let that get me down! There are still weeks of football to be played, and maybe the small screen isn’t big enough for two chickens!

Seriously though, getting ready for College Football Bowl games is an art! Dirt Cheap has everything you need to get your watch party off right!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken