coors light summer brew

Cheap Beer: Time for Coors Light Summer Brew

Hey Summer Folks,

Believe it or not, I love time…especially party time, happy hour and beer o’clock. That might sound strange, but it is true. For as long as I can remember, it’s just been my thing!

Once in a while though, people ask me, “Chicken, why do like time so much….you don’t even wear a watch!” And to their point, no, I do not wear a watch. They apparently don’t make timepieces for us fowls.

Then I give them the real reason I like time, it tells me what I should be doing at any moment. For example, I was looking for something to drink the other day and I couldn’t make a decision. I mean, do I want light beer, or maybe a porter with tons of taste. Oh the decisions!

So, as I walked down the aisle at Dirt Cheap, something caught my eye and my mind was made up. And what was that item? Coors Summer Brew of course!

Since summer was in the name, I knew it was time to drink this delicious beer.

Oh, you haven’t heard of Coors Summer Brew? Well, that’s not surprising since it is new! I would describe the taste as refreshing, light and citrusy.

And this new beer also comes in small 10oz cans, perfect for lounging by the pool or cooking up some streaks on the grill. Put that in the basket…no really, I need help loading all the Coors Summer Brew into my basket time I’m at Dirt Cheap.

Speaking of time…nothing sends me into a full molt faster than warm beer. This beak is sensitive and needs the ice cold stuff. One of the greatest things about Dirt Cheap are the Beer Caves! Yes, you heard that right…Beer Caves. These aren’t you average caves with bats and stalactites, these are glorious walk in beer coolers, with all the cold beer you’ll ever need.

This comes in handy when you are on your way to a party and you need beer now…not two hours from now. Because as you know, when it’s party time, it’s time to get down!

You can never get a moment back, so spend it having the most fun, fun you can! No matter what are looking for, there is a Dirt Cheap in your neck of the woods with cold beer and all the “fixings.” We hope to see you soon!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

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