Cheap Beer Selection…Opening Day…And My Mid April Crisis

Dear Friends,

cheap-beer-selection-opening-dayI’m a pretty humble chicken. I enjoy eating, drinking and indulging in the more fun things in life. While you all know that, I am having a Mid April crisis. (Kinda like a midlife crisis but I don’t age…so I had to make this up.)

It all started last night, when I woke up in cold sweat. In my nightmare, I was left with the decision…which do I love more, the Cardinals Opening Day, or a cheap beer selection? Oh it was terrible. So I made a pro list for each. Here it goes:

Cheap Beer Selection:

  • If there is one evident truth in this world, it’s that people love beer…and they love a large, cheap beer selection even more.
  • Beer goes with food…and music…and fun…really it goes with everything.
  • Dirt Cheap carries all of your favorite domestic, foreign, craft and specialty brews like Budweiser, Corona, Schlafy, Blue Moon and O’Fallon – just to name a few. Not to mention they are always at the right temperature: cold.

Opening Day:

  • Practically a recognized holiday is St. Louis.
  • A huge party at home, tailgating or whatever you’ll be doing that day
  • Everyone needs a cheap beer selection to keep the party going all day…wait…

So, in actuality I need a cheap beer selection on Opening Day! It’s two of the best things ever wrapped up into one. How could I be so silly and forget? Baseball and beer go together, like beer and peanuts, beer and pizza, and beer and beer pong.  It just makes sense.

Now I guess I can rest much easier knowing that all is right with the world…but, Opening Day is almost here! There is so little time to prepare. Now I need to worry about Opening Day and a cheap beer selection, on the same day. (da da da!)

Oh yeah, I’m the Dirt Cheap Chicken…I have access to a massive cheap beer selection whenever! Crisis averted.

If you are looking for a cheap beer selection worthy of an Opening Day, I’ve got you covered. When you stop by your local Dirt Cheap, I’ll have all the cold beer you need, plus cups, beads and shooters! Go Cards!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken