Cheap beer: Samuel Adams Rebel IPA Now at Dirt Cheap

Dear Beer Drinkers,

Tired of Bud? Looking for something with a little more body that’s still a nice cheap beer? But are you too chicken to try the IPA that your beer snob friends keep talking about?

Wait… I said chicken! Awesome!
Well, I’ve got the beer for you. It has all of the tasty goodness of an India Pale Ale. But it won’t give you the world’s worst case of bitter beer face. I’ve had a few (more than a few!) bottles of Samuel Adams Rebel IPA, and let me tell you, it’s cheap-cheap and even more fun-fun. Wondering how it  got its name? Well let me lay some knowledge on you….

Beer geeks like IPAs for one reason: they’re really good and they’ve also been around a long time. Way back when, British sailors used to go on long trips to India. And they had to go around Africa. They might not have cared too much about good food, but they had to have beer for the voyage. Regular beer would have spoiled, though, so they came up with an idea. Since hops, which add bitterness to beer, are a natural preservative, they brewed up special batches with lots of hops that could survive the journey. Since they were made for trips to India, they got called India Pale Ales.

Today, IPAs aren’t just cheap beer. They’re the choice of people who really know their beer. The best of them have lots of bitterness, lots of flavor and lots of tasty-tasty maltiness. But they have a problem — some people don’t like the extreme bitterness.

While brewers in wacky California keep competing to make bitterer and bitterer IPAs, the people on the East Coast started making more mellow IPAs. But they didn’t excite people the way that the West Coast beers did.

Jim Koch –the head chicken behind Samuel Adams — saw an opportunity and jumped in with Rebel IPA. Rebel is a West Coast-style IPA but with one secret difference. It’s not as bitter, so it drinks like a East Coast IPA. You’re getting a real IPA, but it’s easy to drink like cheap beer.

Here’s what I tasted when I hoisted a bottle to my beak. It starts like a West Coast IPA. It’s loaded with fruity flavors that come from the aroma hops. Then, it’s tasty and malty. It finishes with some bitterness, but not too much of it. You get the aroma and taste of a West Coast IPA with the drinkability of an East Coast one. It’s kind of in the middle. Heck, I think it’s the St. Louis of beers — in the middle of everything and just about perfect.

If you’ve always wanted to try an IPA but been afraid of it, don’t be chicken. (I can’t help myself!) C’mon in to Dirt Cheap, and grab a six-pack of Samuel Adams Rebel IPA. I bet you’ll be back for more. After all, who doesn’t love cheap beer that tastes good?

I know you’re in a rush to come and get some, but take a second and download a CluckBuck below. It’ll save you a dollar! Rebel IPA is even more fun-fun when it’s cheap-cheap!

Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken