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Cheap Beer: Not Your Normal Root Beer

I remember growing up, my dad would sit on the couch watching the game. Back in those days, it took only the tap of an empty bottle to spring me out of my seat toward the fridge where my dad’s ice cold cheap beer sat waiting to be delivered by me, and enjoyed by him. He would say “thanks, sport” as he popped the top and took a big swig culminating in a refreshing breath of satisfaction. He would stare at the beer label as he held the beer in his mouth, like he wasn’t sure of what he was drinking. I never understood this… I had never even tasted one of his beers, but I sure knew what it was called! I had wanted to share one with my pop since the first time I had reached in the fridge to grab one for him.

So, one day I asked if I could have one. The question was met with a swift “No way” as he grinned and laughed. “One day, when you’re old enough.”

Cheap Beer Hard Root BeerThe next day, I sat down next to my dad to watch the game. He finished his beer and tapped the empty bottle. My call to action. On my way he said “grab two.” I did as he said and delivered them to him. He popped both and handed one to me saying, “share a beer with your father.” Stunned, I grabbed the beer and took a closer look. It was a root beer. With a grin ear to ear, I took a big drink. I was sharing a beer with my dad for the first time. I finished it… and tapped it, hoping to be delivered another. (Because that’s how it works! Right??)

Neither of us moved… I guess our roles hadn’t changed like I hoped.

I will forever associate root beer with spending time with my dad, or just childhood in general. But now, I can get the best of both worlds with real Root BEER. That’s right! It’s actually beer! But it has every bit of the taste many of us used to enjoy!

Coney Island Hard Root BeerDirt Cheap is now carrying THREE kinds of hard Root Beer; Small Town Brewery’s “Not Your Father’s Root Beer,” Root Seller’s “Row Hard Root Beer,” and “Coney Island,” and they will both take you back to those times watching the game with your dad or out in the backyard with your neighborhood buddies, all with a hint of adulthood.

Download a Cluck Buck below and head to any of your local area Dirt Cheap locations to pick up some delicious, hard Root Beer. You know you want to!

P.S. Yes, Chickens do sit on the couch, watch sports, have refrigerators and drink beer… We’re not animals!!

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Your Favorite Party Fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken

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