News Flash: Billy Busch at Dirt Cheap. The Chicken Still Loves Cheap Beer.

Dear Cheap Beer Lovers,

I have a very important announcement…Billy Busch, the President and Owner of Kraftig Beer will be making an appearance at our Telegraph location on Friday, May 17th between 4 and 6pm! No need to RSVP, just stop by.

Cheap-beer-kraftigI know what you’re saying…how did you pull off such an awesome appearance? Well, it just so happens that Mr. Busch shares my affinity for quality brews on the cheap. He will be there to say hi, talk about Kraftig and the quality that goes into this “oh so yummy beer.” Wait…did I just say yummy out loud?

In case I have any newbie’s reading my blog, Kraftig and Kraftig light are brewed by one of St. Louis’ newest breweries, the William K Busch Brewing Company. Billy Busch is the great grandson of Adolphus Busch…so he knows a thing or two about beer.

Kraftig is brewed with four simple ingredients; water, barely, yeast and hops. As they put it, “when that’s all that goes in, pure flavor is all that comes out.” That means Kraftig is free of adjuncts like rice and corn to lower the cost of brewing.

Cheap-beer-kraftig-beerBeing that Mr. Busch will be at Dirt Cheap, I need to need to put my best foot forward and do what I do best…sell cheap beer! Now don’t get it twisted, price and quality are two different things. Just because I’m selling beer cheaper than the next guy, doesn’t mean it can’t be great craft beer.

This Friday, I will have Kraftig and Kraftig Light at the CHEAP, CHEAP price of $17.99 a 30 pack! Someone call the police, because that’s cheap beer robbery.

As if Billy Busch and cheap beer weren’t enough to keep you away, Friday, May 17th is also customer appreciation day at my Telegraph store. I’ll have 25 cent hot dogs and soda available between 11 and 4pm.

Like I said, there is no need to take a number or RSVP. Just stop by and enjoy all that Dirt Cheap has to offer.  Thanks for reading!


Your Favorite Party Fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken