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The Best Drinks For Mardi Gras in St. Louis

Friends of Fat Tuesday,

Laissez les bons temps rouler…sorry, pardon my French. What I meant to say was, let the good times roll! As a world famous party poultry, I tell all my fun loving friends to visit Dirt Cheap before their Mardi Gras celebration, no matter if that’s going down to the Parade or throwing a bash of your own.

We’ve got your back with everything you need for a big party and the best drinks for Mardi Gras in St. Louis. Here are a few awesome ideas:

St. Louis Style Southern Hurricanes. Get a 1-1/2 ounce jigger and a glass. Some ice too. Put the ice in the glass. Throw in a jigger of Southern Comfort, a jigger of Sweet and Sour mix, a jigger of orange juice, and a jigger of pineapple juice. Just for color, throw in a splash of grenadine. Put a lemon wedge on the glass. Drink. Smile. Repeat.

St. Louis Style Fiery Bloody Mary. Get a glass, slap some salt on the rim, and put some ice in it. Throw in 3 ounces of UV Sriracha and 9 ounces of Bloody Mary mix (go for Zing Zang—you’ll thank me), and put a lime ridge on the wedge.

The Sazerac. Feeling a little more sophisticated? Grab an old fashioned glass and fill it with ice. Take another class, and put in a sugar cube and 3 dashes of Bitters (Peychaud’s are best). Add 1.5 ounces of rye whiskey or bourbon. Crush the sugar cube. Remember the first glass? It’s cold now, so dump out the ice. Throw a quarter ounce of Pernod, Herbsaint or Absinthe in and coat the glass. Throw the rest out. Then dump the second glass into the first glass (the one you coated). Throw in a lemon peel. And drink.

Beer. Get a beer. Open it. Drink it. Chicken-style! In fact, having a few might help you make the Sazerac!

Whatever you want to drink, I’ve got what you need. And with my cheap-cheap prices, you can afford to have a fun-fun Mardi Gras in St. Louis. Whether you want to make it intricate or just enjoy a beer (or three), come on in.

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Your favorite party fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken