March Madness Has Arrived in the Dirt Cheap Beer Cave

Dear basketball fans,

Lock your doors folks, it’s that crazy time of year. You know the one where grown men weep as their Sweet Sixteen pick loses on a last second shot…even though they should have never gotten that shot…and the refs were blind. (not speaking from personal experience or anything.)

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the pain, the anguish, the disappointment! I just can’t do another year of losing. So I’ve decided to do things differently. I’m going to seal myself off in a place with everything I need – a Dirt Cheap beer cave!

Well, I locked myself in, knowing I had everything I needed to survive. There was a great beer selection in the man cave, so I had Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Corona, Schlafly. But, after about ten minutes the boredom and the cold began to set it. I needed a beer pong kit!

So, I snuck out of the beer cave for the beer pong kit, and then I FELT THE MARCH MADNESS. It came on slowly at first, then it took over. I had to fill out more brackets. Well, long story short, I’ve entered the Dirt Cheap office poll 5,045 times. I think my chances of winning are good.

At this point, they won’t allow me enter again, so I made up another bracket, meant for Dirt Cheap customers. I will be crowing the king of the “Dirt Cheap Smack Down” this March. I’ll be adding the below match ups to Facebook and let you choose the winner. It’s a traditional bracket set-up, and there can only be one winner.

Of course, if you plan to watch the Final Four, a Dirt Cheap Beer Cave is the place to be to stock up! And if you get the itch for competition and want to try out your hand-eye, grab a beer pong kit like I did, we have those too. Good luck with your brackets!

Go Bills! Go Tigers!

Your Favorite Party Fowl,

The Dirt Cheap Chicken