About Dirt Cheap – Where the Fun Begins!

Welcome to Dirt Cheap, your one-stop party shop offering a full range of your favorite cigarettes, vapors, beer, liquor, wine and party supplies – all on the cheap!

The first Dirt Cheap opened in January of 1993 at Highway 30 in Fenton and has grown to 16 stores throughout Missouri. Today, we pride ourselves on being Cheap-Cheap and Fun-Fun with a shopping experience that is second to none. We do this with the best customer service, local ownership and clean, convenient stores.

However, the story of Dirt Cheap is not our story – it is your story. From the beginning, you, our wonderful customers have told us what to do and what you wanted, and we listened!

Before your next party of two or two hundred, we hope to see you at any one of our Dirt Cheap stores! Thank you, have fun, but be careful out there!

A Note From The Dirt Cheap Chicken

Hi Fellow Fun-Loving Friends,

I want to take a quick moment out of your browsing to say hello and introduce myself. For those of you who I may be meeting for the first time, I am The Dirt Cheap Chicken, lead Spokeschicken for your local Dirt Cheap stores. I am an expert in all things Cheap, Cheap  and especially Fun, Fun!

So if you’d like to join the party, come follow me on Facebook, or Twitter.

Cheers! Your Favorite Party Fowl,

-The Dirt Cheap Chicken