About Dirt Cheap

The first Dirt Cheap opened in January 1993 at Highway 30 and Valley Dell in Fenton. It was one third the size of our present store at that location. The original store was run by one employee and he worked alone for awhile. Soon he was joined by many more Dirt Cheap employees who serve you in all our stores. Later that same year we opened stores at Telegraph and Forder and at Dunn Road and Bellefontaine. We were off and running!

Today, our Dirt Cheap stores have grown into your One-Stop Party Shop offering a full range of domestic and imported wines, fine wines, a large assortment of value brand and top shelf liquor, tobacco and vapors, as well as partyware and snacks. But, this is only a chapter in our existence with many, many more to come. We operate 16 stores in Missouri and have branched out to cities outside of the St. Louis metro area including Columbia, Hannibal, and Cape Girardeau.

About the Dirt Cheap Chicken

You’ve seen this party fowl in commercials for years, but do you really know the Dirt Cheap Chicken? For us, the Chicken is our spokesperson for all Dirt Cheap stores. Beyond that, this mystical creature’s origins are shrouded in deep mystery. Some say the Chicken came from another planet here to spread the word about cheap beer. Others say the Chicken is an evolved form of human from the future…either way, we know and love the Chicken for being the voice of the Dirt Cheap brand by day, and original party poultry by night.

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