6 Essentials for a Stellar BBQ

1. Get the party started with some Dirt Cheap Exclusive Jell-O Party Popper 4-packs which consist of a bottle of Importers Vodka, 75 Jello-O cups and lids and 4 boxes of Jell-O including instructions for ONLY $12.99! All this in one convenient to carry Party Pack holder.

2.  I think everyone can agree that beer is the ultimate BBQ component. Most guests will probably bring their preferred brews, but it never hurts to keep a case or two of different beers to share, you can pick up the Bud 30pks with the collector Patriotic Can or other great party brands from Miller, PBR, and the really cheap, cheap fun fun Beer 30. The colder the beer, the better it tastes, so remember to stock up on bags of ice.


3.  Buy at least a couple kinds of meat- you can’t go wrong with pork steaks, bratwursts and burgers. To enhance the flavors, consider thawing them in a beer marinade overnight, really goes well with some of craft/specialty beers, like Schlafly or Sam Adams


4.  A can’t miss addition to a hot STL summer night is a frosty margarita in hand. Due to its popularity among the lady friends, you should practice refining your bar tending skills beforehand. It’s a perfect opportunity to show off and impress the guests with a yummy tequila cocktail. Or just cut to the chase and pick up a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita…trust me guys it is the hottest thing going.  And why not Grab some Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey on the Cheap!


5.  To amp the level of fun, try providing outdoor activities that are BBQ-friendly. Some options include bag toss tournaments, beer pong, horseshoes, and plenty of sitting areas. A successful BBQ will continue after the sun retires, so consider adding tiki torches, strands of lights, or a fire pit to create a warm, friendly atmosphere and take it up to another level with some Red Bull and Jagermeister


6.  The final essential is another drink- the Mojito. Packed with a punch of lime and mint flavors, this rum-based beverage is a simple, delicious way to liven up a summer party you can get all the ingredients on the cheap, with a great price on Bacardi and sign up to win a pair of U-2 tickets to boot!